Cushman & Wakefield ChaneyBrooks Celebrates Global Alliance

Hawaii’s deeply-rooted company, ChaneyBrooks, joined forces with the global icon of 100 years, Cushman & Wakefield, to forge together in the state of Hawaii.

More than 200 local business professionals gathered to celebrate what will now be known as “Cushman & Wakefield ChaneyBrooks Day” for the state of Hawaii. Hawaii’s deeply-rooted company, ChaneyBrooks, joined forces with the global icon of 100 years, Cushman & Wakefield, to forge together in the state of Hawaii. This alliance celebration drew the attendance and support of a long list of VIPs, including dozens of CEOs, Governor David Ige, Ray Amemiya, Korea Consul General Kang, and Japan Deputy Consul General Shinozawa.

Steve Sombrero, President of Cushman & Wakefield ChaneyBrooks explains the huge benefit to Hawaii.

Through Cushman & Wakefield, we are pitching Hawaii opportunities to a much wider, global audience. One of our primary focuses will be to attract investors willing to invest in Hawaii’s future transit oriented developments and the need for more affordable housing. Hawaii’s limited and precious land resources need to be developed in a responsible and sustainable manner. We have much to learn from Asia’s urban regions, such as Tokyo and Singapore where living in the proximity of rail stations are preferred over commuting in cars through endless traffic jams. We will bring world class investors and innovators, who will bring us solutions, and in the process, help us to fulfill the visions of our Governor and Mayor.

60 years ago, Aaron Chaney and his wife, Betty, founded a small, one-room office company in downtown Honolulu, with a little more than a dream. Founded on the basic principle that “whoever can be trusted with little, can be trusted with much,” it proved successful for them as the company has become a cornerstone of trust for the people of Hawaii, and is a household name today. With offices in Honolulu, Kauai, Maui and Guam, the new Cushman & Wakefield ChaneyBrooks is committed to have a presence on all the islands and prepares to open an office on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2018.

The celebration brought corporate attention from Cushman & Wakefield, who have always wanted to be in the state of Hawaii. Doug Brandon, Managing Principal and Head of the North American Alliance for Cushman & Wakefield, shared the corporate sentiment of this move, “On behalf of Cushman & Wakefield, we’re excited to finally have a footprint in Hawaii…Our Cushman & Wakefield President of the West Region, Mike Smith, had worked with Steve and Joe before and knew they and their firm would be a good fit for the Cushman brand.”

The Cushman & Wakefield alliance will be a game changer for the future of Hawaii real estate as we know it. “The Cushman & Wakefield ChaneyBrooks Alliance is born of a vision,” says Joe Haas, Managing Director of the Hawaii alliance, “… a vision to deliver the world’s best commercial real estate services to our clients, big and small, here on Oahu, the neighbor islands, on Guam and around the globe, a vision that those services be delivered to those clients in the way they want to receive them customized to their requirements and always in their best interests, and a vision of the future of commercial real estate.”

In its history, ChaneyBrooks has added tens of billions of dollars to the Hawaii economy. As the newly-formed Cushman & Wakefield ChaneyBrooks looks ahead, it expects, as a result of this Cushman & Wakefield alliance, to facilitate transactions that will more than double these figures – dramatically affecting and supporting local jobs for Hawaii people. With a forward focus on mass transit and affordable housing development projects, the company is committed to contribute to improving the economy as well as the quality of life for the state and people of Hawaii. Learn more about Cushman & Wakefield ChaneyBrooks at or