Three Hawaii-international teams shortlisted for Aloha Stadium P3 project

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Three development teams of Hawaii and international partners have made the state’s short list of groups to bid on the public-private partnership redevelopment of the Aloha Stadium complex in Honolulu into a mixed-use sports and entertainment district.

The three entities were chosen from a request for qualifications process for what the state is calling the “New Aloha Stadium Entertainment District” that started in late March. The state received six responses by the May 26 deadline and selected the three priority-listed teams, whose members include international firms experienced in public infrastructure and P3 projects and several prominent Hawaii developers, design firms and general contractors.

Kobayashi Group and BlackSand Capital entity BSC Acquisitions LLC are working with Canada-based P3 developer EllisDon Capital Inc. as part of the Waiola Development Partners group, whose partners include Design Partners and Nan Inc.

Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. teamed with two international development partners experienced in P3s as an equity member and an international construction firm as a construction team as part of Aloha Stadium District Partners, whose design team includes Honolulu-based RMA Architects.

And Honolulu-based KYA Design Group has teamed with San Francisco-based Gensler on design, with Nordic PCL Construction for construction as part of the Aloha Stadium Hui Hilinai.

The project aims to replace the aging Aloha Stadium with a new sports stadium surrounded by entertainment venues, retail, restaurants, residential, hotels and recreational sites as well as cultural amenities and green space.

The state Department of Accounting and General Services is working on the next step, a request-for-proposals process that will start in mid-2021 and is aiming to execute a contract with the selected P3 partner by the end of 2021.

An environmental impact statement and master-planning process is currently underway with the state’s master planning consultant, Crawford Architects, and is expected to be completed by fall 2021.

Here are the members of the three teams:

Aloha Stadium District Partners:
- John Laing Investments Limited, Civil & Building North America Inc. and Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. Inc. as lead equity members;
- NBBJ Hawaii Inc. and RMA Architects, design team;
- Civil & Building North America and Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. Inc., construction team;
- Aramark Management Services LP and Honeywell International Inc., services, or maintenance, provider.

Aloha Stadium Hui Hilinai:
- Plenary Americas US Holdings Inc. and PCL Investments Canada Inc., lead equity members;
- M. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates Inc. and Honolulu-based KYA Inc. as the design team;
- Nordic PCL Construction, construction team;
- Johnson Controls Inc., services, or maintenance provider.

Waiola Development Partners:
- Canada-based P3 developer EllisDon Capital Inc., Honolulu-based Kobayashi Group LLC and BSC Acquisitions II LLC, lead equity members;
- Design Partners Inc. and Manica Architecture, design team;
- New York-based Turner Construction Co. and Honolulu-based Nan Inc., construction team;
- Spectra, services, or maintenance, provider.





Kobayashi Group、BlackSand Capitalの事業体であるBSC Acquisitions LLC、カナダに拠点を置くP3デベロッパーであるEllisDon Capital Inc.から成る「Waiola Development Partners」グループは、Design PartnersやNan Inc.などとパートナーを組む。

「Aloha Stadium District Partners」グループでは、Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co.が、P3プロジェクトへの出資経験が豊富な海外デベロッパー2社、海外の建設会社などとチームを組んでいる。設計は、ホノルルを拠点とするRMA Architectsが担当する。

「Aloha Stadium Hui Hilinai」グループは、ホノルルを拠点とするKYA Design Groupが、設計に関してはサンフランシスコに拠点を置くGenslerと、建設はNordic PCL Constructionとパートナーを組むコンソーシアムだ。



現在、マスタープランのコンサルタントであるCrawford Architectsとともに、環境影響表明書とマスタープランを作成中であり、2021年秋までに完了する予定だ。


Aloha Stadium District Partners:
- John Laing Investments Limited、Civil&Building North America Inc.、Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co.Inc(主要出資者)
- NBBJ Hawaii Inc.、RMA Architects(設計)
- Civil & Building North America、Hawaiian Dredging Construction Co. Inc.(建設)
- Aramark Management Services LP、Honeywell International Inc.(サービス、メンテナンス、プロバイダー)

Aloha Stadium Hui Hilinai:
- Plenary Americas US Holdings Inc.、PCL Investments Canada Inc.(主要出資者)
- M. Arthur Gensler Jr. & Associates Inc.、KYA Inc.(設計)
- Nordic PCL Construction(建設)
- Johnson Controls Inc.(サービス、メンテナンス、プロバイダー)

Waiola Development Partners:
- EllisDon Capital Inc.、Kobayashi Group LLC、BSC Acquisitions II LLC(主要出資者)
- Design Partners Inc.、Manica Architecture(設計)
- Turner Construction Co.、Nan Inc.(建設)
- Spectra(サービス、メンテナンス、プロバイダー)